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Crédit vidéo : Gaetan Nerincx

Crédit photo: Gaetan Nerincx


a sculpture in motion.

2015. Textile, sewing pins, wood, paint, latex, electronic device, 180 cm x 120 cm x 60 cm

Investigating the concept of borders; LANGUAGE 1 explores the confrontation between the need for a classification system to understand our world and each other, and the permeability and movement of these borders. More specifically, this investigation is looking at the semantic borders and the relationship between language and image. With an approach that consider the line both as a piece of writing and an image.  In this context the line standing between the categories blurs the border while defining it at the same time.

Because speaking implies naming, the language we speak not only influences the way we classify and perceive the world, but also how we explain it. Since many communication systems exist--whether it is a different language, an image or a gesture--we are confronted with many different definitions of the world. This confrontation constantly shifts the semantic border suggested by our first language to create a beautiful, blurry and dynamic system of classification.

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