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Evertthing is grey


Approximately 10 m x 10 m x 2 m

Acrylic thread, wood, and paint


The piece is made of four wooden panels screwed to the four sides of a room. Two of them are painted in black, the other two in white. Black or white threads emerge from these wooden panels, depending on the panel’s colour. The threads are joined in the middle to form a cube. The whole structure depends on the link between the four sections of threads. With this project, I am investigating the impossibility to categorize life and ideas permanently. I am investigating some notions around anti-essentialism and the idea that categories are created by the word we use instead of the word being a reflection of the world. In this line of thought, I am examining the idea of the line as a limit or border but also as a link between concept, field and definition, functioning as a tool to illustrate the permeability of conceptual borders and the constant movement of those borders. Moreover, it is an attempt to combine individual and collective ways of dividing the world.  

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