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(38x2)+15+19+(32x3)+(30x2)+55+29+(26x2) = 30 sec

(38x2)+15+19+(32x3)+(30x2)+55+29+(26x2) = 30 sec


70 cm x 300 cm x 300 cm

Tulle, sewing thread, and metal wire


This piece is an exploration of the ways we define time, how we feel about it, and how we conceptualize it. What is the real nature of time? What are the consequences of time? If we consider time as a concept developed to represent variation in the world, is time part of this world or is it a product of our perceptions? By exploring these questions, the goal was to create an aesthetic representation of time that included multiple elements that have an impact on its nature. It was also a way to put emphasis on the importance of change, the perception of it, its quantifiable aspects, and the space it takes not only in our environment but also in our minds and bodies. The project is based on data collected from volunteers. With eyes closed, in silence, the subjects each had to count in their head for 30 seconds while I timed them with a stopwatch.



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